Discover Different Exotic Tourist Spots In Himachal Pradesh

Talking about Himachal Pradesh brings the best tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh straight into the limelight. Ranging from Shimla andshimmering lakes, the beauty of Himachal Pradesh is glorifying with each passing day.

Further, let us move ahead and discover some stunning and majestic tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh.

1. McLeod Ganj

Known as the abode of the 14th Dalai Lama, this state is famous for different stories associated with Dalai Lama. On one side, there are different pictures of Kullu, Kangra, and Kinnaur. On the other side, there are cliff hangings and dangerous roads of Kinnaur. For people who like handcraft stuff, the market in this state can suffice the needs of almost every person. Ranging from wooden articles to hand-made toys, a person of every age can rejoice all round the clock.

2. House of Worship: Temples, Churches, and Gurudwara

Himachal is often referred by the name “Dev-Bhoomi” which defines “abode of God”. This region is pious and has got supernatural powers.People of different caste and creed visit here to worship and witness the glorious sculptures all around themselves. Further, people can take a holy dip in the sulfur hot water of the Manikaran Gurudwara. After which, it is believed that it can eliminate every skin disease.

3. Shimmering Lakes

Among different tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh, Shimmering Lakes is one of the most prime ones. The serene and clean water shimmering lakes can compel anyone to fall in love with its beauty. Himachal is the home for quintessential lakes where you can do ample of things. Here, you can go fishing, boating, and much more fascinating things.

All in all, Himachal Pradesh is a magical place where there is paradise all around yourself. The vast collection of some breath-taking tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh is of serenity and peaceful nature.

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