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About Nahan

Nahan in Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful city located at an altitude of 3000 ft. above the sea level, cultivated and watered by man made lakes and decorated with temples and gardens. There are many stories associated with the Nahan city. Nahan city was founded by Raja Karan Prakash in 1612 A.D. Another interesting story tells about a saint who lived with a lion on the site. "Nahar" meaning lion and probably the city got its name from this saint. Bawan Dwadashi is celebrated towards the end of monsoon when fifty two idols of Gods are carried in procession to Jagannath temple in Nahan in Himachal Pradesh. The City has got many beautiful sites and very interesting stories are related to them. Nahan is a good base for visits to surrounding areas viz. Renuka Lake, Paonta Sahib, Trilokpur mandir and Suketi Fossil Park. In the center of Nahan is Ranital. It has a Huge Temple and a pond from the days of ex-rulers of Sirmaur State. It is said that the queen of the State use to take bath in the pond.


A well laid out picturesque town of Nahan at an altitude of 932 metres [3258 ft], with pleasant climate throughout the year, is almost 88 km from Solan [via Kumarhatti] and 103 km from Ambala Cantt. The city whose name divides into "na" and "han" in Sanskrit meaning "invincible" is peacable, salubrious and cultivated, watered by man-made and decorated with temples and gardens. Three gentle, level walks, Villa Round, Military Round and Hospital Round, are unconsciously evocative of the city's recent past. But Nahan's hub is Chaugan, which has princely affiliations cherished remains of the old royal capital, with lytons memorial Near By. Sirmuri Tal, in the form of sculpture are displayed at the Circuit House, contemporary art pieces are found at the Shanti Sangam. Nahan celebrates Bawan Dwadashi towards the end of the monsoon when fifty-two idols of the gods are carried in procession of the . A fair is held twice a year at Trilokpur at the temple of the goddess Bala Sundari, built in 1573 by Raja P. Jagannath temple, where they are floated ceremoniously in a pool and are resorted at midnight to their nichesradeep Parkash.

Dominating the entire landscape of fields, forests and ravines is the Churdhar peak which rises to 3,647 metres [11,965 ft], above sea level. It is approached by way of Dadahu, Sangrah, Bhawai, Gaudhuri and Nahura, a 50 Km trek. A less taxing journey is by bus or car to Nahura and thereafter a walk of 16 km. The climb is difficult but rewarding. The peak affords a view southwards of the Gangetic plain and the Sutlej river, northward lies Badrinath the well-worn Hindu pilgrim route and beyond, Tibet. Also seen, are the hills, of Chakrata and Shimla. The peak in crested with a temple and below, a spa and a dharamsala offer temporal solace to the traveller.

Renuka Lake

Renuka Lake is the most beautiful lake of all the lakes in Himachal Pradesh . Renuka was the wife of Rishi Jamadagni. One day he got displeased with his wife and ordered his son Lord Parshuram to behead her. Rightly so Lord Parshuram carries out the orders of his father. Rishi Jamadagni pleased with son asks his son for a wish. Lord Parshuram asks for his mother's life. In November each year a fair is held in Renuka which celebrates the reunion of Maa Renuka and Lord Parshuram.

Paonta Sahib

Paonta Sahib is a city sacred to the memory of Guru Govind Singh. It is situated at a distance of 40 kms. from Nahan. The city is named Paonta sahib for two reasons. One because set foot in this place and other because he lost his ornament which he used to wear in his foot while bathing in Yamuna river which flows next to the place. Guru Govind Singh also wrote the major portion of Dassam Granth at this place.

Trilokpur Temple

Trilokpur Temple is situated at a distance of 23 kms. from Nahan. It is a Temple of Goddess Mahamaya Bala Sundri. Large number of devotees visit this temple during Navratras.

Bala Sundri Fair

Bala Sundri Fair is held at Trilokpur near Nahan. This fair takes place in the days of Navratras.

Suketi Fossil Park

This park mainly consists of soft sandstone and clay. This park derives its importance from the fact that it is the first fossil park in Asia developed at the site where fossils were actually found. Suketi Fossil Park at present has life size models of extinct grand elephant, hippopotamus with six incisors, sabre toothed tiger and animals which once thrived in it.

Dhaula Kuan

Dhaula Kuan is 20 Kms. from Nahan. It has orchard consisting of mangoes and circuit plants. A little away from Dhaula Kuan is Kastasan Devi Temple.

Nahan is one of the beautiful cities of India to explore.Being a part of Nahan in Himachal Pradesh is blessed with beauty of snow covered peaks and has become a centre of attraction for tourists throughout the year. Plan Your trip to Nahan and its awesome places of interest to enjoy a memorable vacation.