Travel Tips to Nahan- Dist. Sirmour

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  • Unleaded petrol is available at select stations only
  • Petrol pumps on the route are at Shimla, Theog, Narkanda, Rampur, Powari, Recong Peo, Kaza, Keylong, Manali and Sarchu.
  • If driving, essential spares and extra fuel are recommended.
  • A sturdy vehicle (Jeep/Gypsy), is suggested.
  • If crossing the high passes, good health is essential Government hospitals are at Keylong, Kaza and Recong Peo.
  • The best time to travel in these areas is between April and October.
  • While planning your trip, it is suggested that you check on general road conditions and confirm if the high passes are open to traffic.
  • While trekking, picnicking or visiting wild life sanctuaries: Do not leave behind any non-bio-degradable litter like plastic bottles and cans Bury all bio-degradable litter.
  • Stay only in hotels/guest houses registered with the Department of Tourism.


  • Don't leave non-biodegradable material behind.
  • Don't encourage beggars.
  • Don't be coerced into shopping by touts, guides, taxi drivers or strangers.
  • Don't buy articles made from rare or endangered species or animals which are protected.
  • Don't buy antiques to carry overseas. The export of all artiches over a hundred years old is banned.
  • Don't disfigure or scribble over rocks, trees, buildings etc.
  • Don't get lured into sightseeing by touts.
  • Let the Department of Tourism, the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, Approved Travel Agents and Tour Operators or your hotel help you.