Let’s Go The Nahan Way!

Nahan is a town in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It was earlier the capital of the former Simur princely state. It is located overlooking the Greenhills in the hilltop of Shiwallik Hills. The town is far from the hustle bustle and noises of big cities. The people of the town are simple who find happiness in the peaceful greenery of the hills. The Mall road is one of the most common places for the common local people to roam around in the evenings. Even the tourists tend to follow the unsaid custom of taking walks in the evening on the Mall Road.

There are many places in and around Nahan which interest the tourists. One of the most common and frequently visited places is the Rani Tal which is a large temple with a water pond full of ducks and crane. A Ranital Garden is also there which adds to its beauty. Some other places to visit in and near Nahan are as follows-

  • Jamta
  • Markanda
  • Renuka Ji Lake
  • Pakka Talab
  • Shanti Sangam
  • Tallon
  • Suketi Fossil Park
  • Kolar
  • Jaitak Fort
  • Dhaula Kuan
  • Rama Dhuan
  • Kala Amb
  • Renuka Lake

Apart from these, there are many religious places which one can visit on their trip to Nahan. Some of them include the TrilokpurTemple, Shiv Ji Temple,Saltevni, Kalishtan Temple, Miyan ka Mandir, Shiva Parvati Temple which is 300 years old, Mata Balasundari Temple which is located in one of the city’s main hub i.e., Hospital Round, Lakshmi Narayan temple and others.

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