Travel Tips to Nahan- Dist. Sirmour

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Unleaded petrol is available at select stations only

Petrol pumps on the route are at Shimla, Theog, Narkanda, Rampur, Powari, Recong Peo, Kaza, Keylong, Manali and Sarchu.

If driving, essential spares and extra fuel are recommended.

A sturdy vehicle (Jeep/Gypsy), is suggested.

If crossing the high passes, good health is essential Government hospitals are at Keylong, Kaza and Recong Peo.

The best time to travel in these areas is between April and October.

While planning your trip, it is suggested that you check on general road conditions and confirm if the high passes are open to traffic.

While trekking, picnicking or visiting wild life sanctuaries: Do not leave behind any non-bio-degradable litter like plastic bottles and cans Bury all bio-degradable litter.

Stay only in hotels/guest houses registered with the Department of Tourism.


Don't leave non-biodegradable material behind.

Don't encourage beggars.

Don't be coerced into shopping by touts, guides, taxi drivers or strangers.

Don't buy articles made from rare or endangered species or animals which are protected.

Don't buy antiques to carry overseas. The export of all artiches over a hundred years old is banned.

Don't disfigure or scribble over rocks, trees, buildings etc.

Don't get lured into sightseeing by touts.

Let the Department of Tourism, the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, Approved Travel Agents and Tour Operators or your hotel help you.