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Nahan- one of nearest hill stations to Delhi
Nahan is a beautiful and scenic hill station in Himachal Pradesh,just 260 kms away from Delhi. Beauty of Nahan is relatively untouched and unexplored. It has breathtaking views where silence is disturbed by winds.

We started at 5 am and reached by 11 am. Drive was scenic and clear. Only a small portion of road near a place called 'Kala Amb' was bad. But it was worth going that far.

We stayed at Grand View resort which is located at the hill top of Jamta Heights. Resort actually offerered grand view of the valley and had decent rooms with Garden and swimming pool views. Food was good. One can play badminton, volley ball etc at resort.

Table of contents for Nahan - Paonta - Dakpatthar
This time it was the resort more than the place that formed the centre of attraction of our four-day trip over an extended weekend. The Grand View Resort, Nahan, actually located in Jamta was our first scheduled destination and formed the main attraction. Two families comprising four adults and 2 kids aged 4 and 9 and a white Honda City, formed the team around whom the travel story revolves. The first two days were planned in Grand View. We had chosen our destination keeping in mind the Indian monsoons. It was August 17, 2012 and peak monsoons prevailed in the Northern hills. We had always preached fellow ghumakkars to avoid the Himalayas during monsoon as the roads become extremely treacherous with frequent landslides and flash floods. And self-driving was not at all recommended. But the heat of the plains coupled with the budget constraint of a flight travel and of course time constraint due to ongoing schools and offices, but overall the lure of Grand View made this imminent tour inescapable. The Grand View package was booked a month in advance at INR 8,800 per couple on twin sharing basis for two nights and two days, inclusive of bed tea, breakfast and dinner. It was one of the very few hotels in the Himalayas with a swimming pool.

Nahan - for real vagabonding
There are times when urge to travel is so much that destination takes a backseat and we tend to start without any destination in mind. This is when you feel like going for a "Journey without a destination"

While in middle of such a temptation, I decided for some real vagabonding in the himalayan ranges in Nahan region. Totally secluded from the hustles of any type, Nahan is an ideal place to roam around like a free bird. Once out of Delhi the excellent highway ends up adding to your impatience of reaching Nahan as soon as possible. "Resist the temptation"

Nahan is a small town and headquarter of Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Lytton memorial is the entry point and a renowned landmark of Nahan.